HOBAS Air Pipes Help Rehabilitate Contaminated Soil

Project ID: [014772]
Country: Hungary
City: Tiszavasvari
Year: 2012
Air / Gases / Ventilation (Industry)
Installation: Above Ground
Total Length [m]: 534
Nominal Diameter DN [mm]: 350
Outside Diameter De [mm] 376
Nominal Pressure PN [bar]: 1
Nominal Stiffness SN [N/m²]: 5000
Key Words: Air Pipe

Over 500 m HOBAS GRP Pipes installed at pharmaceutical company in Tiszavasvári, HU

In the course of a rehabilitation project aimed at cleaning the soil nearby the Hungarian company Alkaloida R&D Ltd of chemicals, HOBAS supplied air pipes for the transport of the generated gasses. The pipeline was perfectly aligned with an existing pipe bridge with the help of 25 bends.

In Alkaloida R&D Ltd is a research-based company with a focus on active pharmaceutical ingredients, located in the Hungarian town Tiszavasvári. Due to former shortcomings in environmental protection and a few technological problems that had occurred in the past, the soil in this area was contaminated with chemicals. After Hungary’s accession to the European Union, the regulation of industrial activities and the reparation of resulting damages had become stricter and at the same time, new sources for rehabilitation had been opened. The city of Tiszavasvári is located in the relatively poor north-eastern region of Hungary with high unemployment rate, so a successful reorganization of this industrial location played an important role for the region’s future. 

On this account, a project was launched to clean the soil from chemicals. The gases resulting from this cleaning process were to be transported to the incinerator of the factory. With the contaminated area and the incinerator located on opposite sites of the industrial site, a connection had to be established, and it was quite obvious to use the already existing pipe bridge of Alkaloida for this purpose. The challenge was to find a pipe system which was easy to install and applicable for above-ground installation and which offered a wide range of fittings to follow the given route alongside the bridge. With these requirements in mind, the designer and investor chose to use the lightweight and UV resistant CC-GRP pipes and fittings by HOBAS. 

A 534 m long pipeline DN 350 with 25 bends was installed between the soil rehabilitation area and the incineration site. It was partly placed on concrete blocks and partly fitted and fixed to the metal pipe bridge. The construction company had a long experience with pipe installation at the Alkaloida factory, but had never worked with HOBAS Pipes before. And HOBAS fully convinced them: The works on the pipe bridge could be realized more easily and efficiently than ever before.

  • HOBAS Air Pipes Help Rehabilitate Contaminated Soil