HOBAS Pipes Withstand Salt and Chlorine in Chemical Plant in Ukraine

Project ID: [019004]
Country: Ukraine
City: Odesa
Year: 2014
Wastewater | Chemical Pipeline (Industry)
Installation: Open Trench | Above Ground | Relining / Sliplining
Total Length [m]: 388
Nominal Diameter DN [mm]: 400
Outside Diameter De [mm] 401/427
Nominal Pressure PN [bar]: 6
Nominal Stiffness SN [N/m²]: 5000 | 10000
Key Words: Sewer | Centrifugally Cast Pipe

Fertilizer Production Facility Equipped With New HOBAS Wastewater Pipeline

In South Ukraine, at a port on the Black Sea coast, 388 m HOBAS Pipes DN 400 were installed in a chemical plant to safely discharge industrial wastewater. 

The Odesa Port Plant is a chemical facility at the Black Sea in South Ukraine that produces fertilizers. The existing stainless steel pipeline could no longer withstand the high content of salt and chlorine in the treated industrial sewage and the joints started to leak. Therefore, a new state-of-the-art pipeline was needed. The new pipeline had to be installed partly above ground on the overpasses inside of the factory’s wastewater treatment plant, partly in an open trench, and partly via relining. The route of the pipeline included complex pressure bends and reducers. Fixing these parts of the pipeline in place with concrete blocks was not an option. Furthermore, lamination on site, locked joints, and flanges were too expensive.

The answer to this challenging project was HOBAS Products: HOBAS Experts worked closely with the planners of the Odesa Port Plant to come up with a reliable, technologically convenient, and economical solution. HOBAS’ Expertise together with the excellent mechanical properties, corrosion and chemical resistance of the products, as well as their ability to withstand UV radiation convinced the client to choose HOBAS CC-GRP Products. Pipes and fittings were joined with standard FW couplings and fixed in place with materials that were locally available. 

The most challenging part was the section inside the building where pipes had to be installed on overpasses including 6 bends, inlets, and reducers working under 2 bar pressure. Standard couplings for the suspended pressure pipeline allowed for a very easy and fast installation in this case, which was crucial for saving costs and time. “As usual, we could rely on the high quality of HOBAS Products, which is always welcome for the implementation of technical solutions in our plant”, says Volodymyr Levshyn, Head of the Water, Wastewater Treatment, and Air Separation Department of Odesa Port Plant.

  • HOBAS Pipes Withstand Salt and Chlorine in Chemical Plant in Ukraine