Safe Water Supply in Hungary Thanks to HOBAS Protective Pipes

Project ID: [005582]
Country: Hungary
City: Miskolc
Year: 2008
Installation: Open Trench
Nominal Diameter DN [mm]: 200 | 300 | 400 | 800
Outside Diameter De [mm] 220 | 324 | 401/427 | 820
Nominal Pressure PN [bar]: 1
Nominal Stiffness SN [N/m²]: 10000
Key Words: Protective Pipe

Safe Water Supply in Hungary Thanks to HOBAS Protective Pipes

Protective pipes from CC-GRP are often employed to protect potable water pipes and sewers running beneath busy roads, but most often crossing a tramway or railway. Here they hold a dual function: On the one hand they protect the carrier pipe from static and dynamic loads and on the other they facilitate rehabilitating or replacing old lines by means of trenchless installation.

In Miskolc, a project to develop the urban infrastructure has been implemented with the financial support of the European Union. This involved among other things the renewal and establishment of tramlines. Due to the upgrade and extension of public transport, the existing ductile iron potable water pipes below the surface had reached their structural limits. The client therefore decided to protect them with a HOBAS Casing. Reasons for his choice were above all the products’ excellent properties: corrosion resistance, long-term tightness, long service life and – especially important for this project – a high load bearing capacity. Calculations showed that HOBAS Pipes SN 10000 would provide enough stiffness to reliably protect the potable water pipe running beneath the new tramlines and roads for decades.

Sichere Wasserver- und entsorgung dank HOBAS Schutzrohren

Bei Straßen mit hohem Verkehrsaufkommen, vor allem aber bei Straßenbahn- oder Eisenbahnkreuzungen, werden Trink- und Abwasserleitungen oft in einem Schutzrohr aus GFK verlegt. Dabei übernimmt das Schutzrohr eine Doppelfunktion: einerseits schützt es die bestehende Rohrleitung vor statischen und dynamischen Lasten, andererseits wird dadurch die Renovierung oder der Austausch der alten Rohrleitung durch grabenlose Bauweisen erleichtert.